We are able to lower the amount of tax owed for many of our clients, but there are a lot of rules concerning reducing tax debt. We are able to negotiate with the IRS or State (or city) to lower debt, but most of the process is guided by tax law and IRS rules. The hard part is knowing which rules to take advantage of in each particular situation. Audits are very different from past tax debt, and we won’t know how best to help until we analyze your situation. We won’t take a case if we don’t think we can help though.

As an Enrolled Agent, I can represent you before the IRS. If we take your case, the IRS is required to talk only to me in almost all situations and they are forbidden from communicating directly with you. Part of my job is taking the stress of dealing with the IRS off you so we can focus on getting you the best deal possible.

Dealing with the IRS or State tax agencies can be tricky. They’re concerned with their own interests and have generally already figured out what they think you owe before they even contact you. They’re not on your side, so you won’t know how much an experienced tax resolution expert can get you until it’s already too late. If we analyze your situation and don’t think we can help you, we’ll let you know. We’re not in the business of wasting your money.

As our slogan says, we provide “Nonjudgmental Tax Relief”, and we take that to heart. People have tax problems for many different reasons and we understand that. No one wants to have tax problems, whether it be audits, past debt that they haven’t paid, or back taxes that they just haven’t taken care of yet, and our job is to do the best job we can within the bounds of the law for every case we take.

  • We generally start with a short consultation with you, either in person here at our office, or over the phone. We gather enough information to have a good idea where to start.
  • If it looks like we’re a good fit and both of us want to proceed, we gather your tax documents, pertinent tax returns, and start an income questionnaire if needed while we start the process of getting your transcripts from the IRS. We create a detailed report for you with all this information.
  • We give our suggestion and possible options to you, based on our report. Assuming you’d like to proceed, we start working on the resolution of your tax problems and you can move forward with your life.

It can be difficult to choose a tax resolution firm.

  • You should be able to talk to the person who will be dealing directly with your case.
  • A quality firm also shouldn’t make promises about your resolution options, especially before they’ve fully reviewed your entire situation. 
  • The way they bill and the process they follow should be clear to you before you make any commitment. Some large national firms try to keep it confusing so they can bill for things they don’t do.
  • You want to be sure the actual resolution is handled by someone authorized to do it. Make sure you have an IRS Enrolled Agent, Attorney, or CPA doing this work. They are the only people permitted to do it.

Some of the larger national firms have very questionable business practices. We often have clients come to us after receiving huge bills from these firms for doing nothing that helped their case. We’re a small, local firm in central Ohio. We provide a personal service and get to know all our clients.

Most people with tax problems aren’t looking at jail time. It happens, but it’s generally only an issue for people who purposely lie on their tax returns or try to trick the IRS with obviously false information. It’s an extreme situation. The IRS generally just wants you to get back on track and file and pay correctly moving forward. We can help with that.

We charge flat fees based on what we do. It’s generally in steps and based on the time we expect to take. We have a small fee for the consultation, then one for the analysis, then a third fee for a particular resolution we take.

Most importantly, we don’t suggest anything unless we feel strongly that your benefit will be much more than our fees. If not, we’ll tell you that. There are no guarantees, like in most legal situations, but we have a lot of experience and specific training that helps us know what the best options are.